Madison Martial Arts News

Hailey and Austin Jenkins wins the fight!!

Dr. Gifaldi breaking 3 boards on fire with left foot

Shelby Cardo breaking 4 boards on fire with a hammer kick

Lauren Cardo breaking 4 boards with hammer kick

Eye of the Tiger

John Cairns breaking 8 boards on fire with ax kick

The art of Tae Kwon Do with Tanner Jacobs

Shelby Cardo 2nd Dan Brick Break!


Samurai Sword slices watermellon on Denver

At Ko’s 35th/5th Anniversary Tae Kwon Do Tournament held on 11-05-11 at Columbus, Indiana…. Grand Master Ko sliced a watermellon on Master Denver Taylor’s stomach using an extremely sharp blade. Other demonstrations were performed by other Masters attending the tournament.

Hammer Kick Boards On Fire

Konnie McCollum was asked by the judge to break boards on fire and this was the results of the break.

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