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Train As A Family, and Create Strong Bonds That Will Last a Lifetime

One of the most unique benefits of taking martial arts lessons at Taylor’s Taekwondo Academy is that you’ll be training as a family.

You see, like you we believe in strong family values. That’s why we encourage our members to enroll and train as a family. This results in a more enjoyable training experience, and provides a way for the family to spend time together doing something everyone loves.

But don’t just take our word for it – here’s what some of our Madison students have to say about the benefits our family training approach provides for their family:


My Philosophy of Taekwondo
Dan Kelly
My philosophy is the joy of the journey. While most students set a goal to achieve the rank of black belt. My goal has been to exercise, socialize and maintain or improve my overall health. However, I have learned that Taekwondo is more of a way of life and a code of conduct which seems to blend well with my personal goals. I was in my late fifties and in very poor health when my first grandson was born. It was about this time that I decided that I wanted to have an active life with my grandkids (note: I now have 5 grandsons). Anyway, with help and support from my wife I hired a trainer and began trying to live a healthy lifestyle. This was an extreme mental challenge to change my lifestyle to have a healthy diet and exercise in my daily routine. I hadn’t been introduced to Taekwondo yet.
Somehow through the grace of god I was able to persevere and lost a large amount of weight, got my body in much better shape and started living a healthy active life again. So after a year of living a healthy lifestyle I was looking for something different from just going to the gym and working out on my own. That is when I met Konnie, a new co-worker who began telling me about Taekwondo and all the benefits and how much she enjoyed it. Her enthusiasm aroused my curiosity, so I looked up Taylor’s Taekwondo website. Then I got a message asking if I would like to take some free trial classes. So I replied back with sure why not. Soon after I got a call from Grand Master Taylor, after a brief conversation it just seemed like this was meant to be. So my journey into the Taekwondo world began and my philosophy of Taekwondo began to form.
My beginning expectation to just get a little exercise turned out to be so much more. The philosophy of Taekwondo involves Mind, Body and Spirit and as any athlete will tell you a large part is mental. So my journey started with the body. I began learning how to stretch similar to some of the yoga movements along with learning some of the basic strikes, kicks and blocks which were great for conditioning and coordination. The light touch sparring added a level of endurance. The learning of the forms also added another level of coordination along with the mental side to memorize the forms. Memorizing the self-defense and one step sparring moves also added another mental level with the added hand and eye coordination. This is about when I started to realize that Taekwondo had a much deeper philosophy.
I began to develop a relationship with my fellow students along with a respect for each of them as we all worked together to learn all the various movements and forms. I also began to have a huge respect for Grand Master Taylor as he taught each of us, he showed a great deal of patience and respect for the students. Grand Master Taylor took a hands on approach and led the class by example with a positive attitude. I began to feel like a team member and a loyalty to the class. I felt a feeling of accomplishment as I passed the various tests and moved up through the color belt system. This is also when I began to understand the spirit of Taekwondo.
At one of my tests I was the last one to do my break and it was one I have struggled with (as an old guy I don’t bend and twist like when I was younger). Anyway as I got ready my fellow students joined around me to encourage me and give me their support. After I made the break I felt a great feeling of accomplishment, but a greater sense of peace and warmth that my fellow students wanted to encourage me and I think they wanted me to succeed as much as I did. This I feel was an example of the true spirit of Taekwondo and that is just one example of the support and compassion I saw displayed by students. Just as I got curious about Taekwondo by seeing Konnie’s enthusiasm I was inspired by the enthusiasm shown by all the students and Grand Master Taylor. Grand Master Taylor exhibits a passion for Taekwondo and his passion is reflected in each of his students, thus helping mankind one student at a time.
This brings me to my legacy or contribution to the Taekwondo Philosophy. I mentioned in the beginning that I began this whole adventure to be able to be more active with my grandchildren. My wife family and grandchildren have given me all their support and encouragement. My 2 grandsons that live locally love to come and watch grandpa take his Taekwondo test. My daughter ask me, “doesn’t that distract you when you are trying to concentrate on your test”? My answer is that it is not as much of a distraction as an inspiration. Nothing makes me prouder as when I am taking my test and I hear my 2 year old Grandson tell everyone that is my Papaw and yells Hi Papaw. On another note my 5 year old Grandson in Idaho has joined Taekwondo tiger kids program (he wants to be like his Grandpa). So even he is on the other part of the country we can face time on the phone and share our Taekwondo experiences. So I may be an older student but Taekwondo makes me feel young at heart.
So achieving a black belt degree and learning self-defense are great goals. I think the true lesson learned is that the joy is in the journey and don’t let age be a barrier to starting a journey..

Originally I began taking Tae Kwon Do for the exercise and somewhat for self-defense. It is very good exercise, and a lot more fun than walking on a treadmill staring at a wall for an hour! I have noticed I am more physically fit, stronger, faster and more flexible. In addition, I would be better able to defend myself, my friends, and my family if the unfortunate event of an attack were to occur. Tae Kwon Do is about health, fitness, and self-defense but to me those are not as important as other changes that have occurred due to my studying Tae Kwon Do. Surprisingly, what I have found is that it has made a difference in a way I never imagined. I have changed in a way that is much more valuable for not only myself but for everyone I interact with.
How often in life do we hear about someone having a gift? A talented basketball player, people say he has a gift. Someone paints a master piece, she has a gift as if it was something given to them from God without any effort at all on their part. What I have learned is there is no such thing as a gift. What people see as a gift is the result of countless hours of practice. Of course we don’t see the effort and practice put in, we usually only see the end performance and assume it is a gift. In fact, I remember while working on a tornado kick another Tae Kwon Do student said I had a gift and that I was a natural. I was shocked she said that! Nothing in Tae Kwon Do has ever felt natural for me, especially not the tornado kick that I was demonstrating. I had to practice a lot. I had to take baby steps to get even close to something that looked like a tornado kick and even then it still felt very awkward to me. Yet, there she was saying I had a gift. She just saw the end result, she didn’t see the hours of practice I had put in. She didn’t see me turning around slowly as the first step, then adding a jump to the turn, and then finally adding in kick. While I attended about 6 classes a week and practiced at home on top of that, this student came to classes once or twice a week so all she saw was me practicing was the same amount of time as she did. The practice was the difference. I used to try things, if I was unsuccessful I would walk away shaking my and say “I can’t.” Now I know if I want to do something that is a challenge. If I want to be good or possibly even great at it, I just need to practice. In some cases it meant a lot of practice. I figure I will never know what is possible unless I give my best effort and in some instances keep trying and practicing even more.
When I struggle or when things are challenging me, I say to myself “they may see me struggle, but they will never see me quit, and “sometimes you win and sometimes you learn”. This is much different than the “I can’t” that I used to say to myself. Of course we only learn from mistakes and losing if we pick ourselves back up after we have fallen and try again, and if we keep trying have we really failed or have we learned from it? The only real failure, is in not trying at all or quitting after struggling. Failing is really an opportunity to learn, it points out a weakness that can be worked on. If you learn and grow from it, how can it be a failure? That is one of the most valuable lessons I have learned: that I should always try and if I am not successful I just need to get up and try again. My new outlook that allowed me to succeed in Tae Kwon Do has affected all other areas of my life. It has affected my interactions with others at work and home I am much more positive. I still have my bad days and moods… I and still human after all, but overall I am much more grateful for everything I have and for those around me! I am able to be much more supportive of others when they struggle. I can more readily see when others are telling themselves they can’t and when they are about ready to give up. I can more clearly see their struggles, and because of this I am better equipped to help them.
Lastly, Tae Kwon Do has increased my self-esteem and my confidence. When I first started Tae Kwon Do, Grand Master Taylor had confidence in me when I did not. I have worked hard throughout my life and I really did not have much confidence in myself prior to studying Tae Kwon Do. I always masked this by acting as though I had confidence, but deep inside I really did not. My confidence has grown. Tae Kwon Do is a real confidence booster! I no longer see failures, I see learning opportunities. So, while I will always have things that are difficult in life, things that I struggle with, I am more able to overcome these obstacles as I persist longer and try harder. To me Tae kwon Do is a little sneaky. You think you are there learning to defend yourself or to get more fit physically, and what you find is it changes you in ways that will impact your life and the lives of those around you for the better.
Amanda Boley

Tae Kwon Do
And The
Personal Impact on Me and My Family

Tae Kwon Do has had a positive impact on my life in many ways. For me personally, being able to take Tae Kwon Do with my sons is one of the things I like the best about the sport. It has provided us with a positive activity that we can do together. Learning together and having the same goals is great! Tae Kwon Do has also taught me how to defend myself and my family if the situation arises. I think that everyone should acquire that skill. Tae Kwon Do has helped me to stay in shape physically by requiring that we stretch and spar. Tae Kwon Do has helped me to stay in shape mentally by requiring that we learn our forms and numbers.
Tae Kwon Do has had the same positive impact on the lives of my two sons. They wanted to join Tae Kwon Do because I think they just thought it would be cool. I had different reasons for wanting them to join. I mainly wanted them to learn how to defend themselves. Having the confidence to walk away from a situation because you know how to defend yourself is a lot different feeling than walking away from a situation because you don’t know how to defend yourself. Secondly, I wanted my sons to do something that also kept them physically fit. I thought that was the two biggest things they would take away from learning Tae Kwon Do. In reality they have learned so much more than just that. Such things as work ethic, self confidence, self discipline, self control, self respect, respect for others and goal setting are a sampling of what is being taught. I find it hard to come up with a lot of other activities other than martial arts, that delivers all those things.
I am thankful for the positive outcome and would recommend that everyone take Tae Kwon do. I hope that my sons and I continue to attend classes and keeping working towards higher belts (goals). I have seen the difference that Tae Kwon Do can make in our lives.
E. J. Biallas

Medicine and the Martial Arts
(How the paths to becoming a surgeon and a Tae Kwon Do Junior Master are similar)
I have been a physician and surgeon for over 20 years. I have been a martial arts student on and off since I was 16 years old. Two seemingly separate things, which upon closer inspection have many similarities. In fact they parallel each other in many respects.
I have always known I wanted to be a physician – well since I was 8 years old at least. I could be a pediatrician, I thought, until third year of medical school, when I knew I would be a surgeon. I did not know I would be a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, however. When I was 16, I saw Bruce Lee in “Enter the Dragon” and shortly thereafter, like many others I am sure, began taking Tae Kwon Do. I was about 4 tests shy of 1st Degree Black Belt when I went away to college. During college and part of medical school I took Kenpo Karate on and off for those 6 or so years, never quite reaching the 1st Degree Black Belt either.
As for my medical career, I spent about 15 years in Boston and attending college, graduating medical school, and finally residency. After college it was 10 years before I would earn the title of attending surgeon, meaning I could start my practice.
I eventually moved to Madison, Indiana and wanted to start martial arts again. I found Taylor’s Tae Kwon Do Academy in Osgood, Indiana, under the direction of then Master Jerry Taylor. I have spent the last 10 years with him as a student. Interestingly, it took me 10 years to become an attending surgeon after college. It took me just as long to be, a 4th Degree Black belt or Junior Master in Tae Kwon Do.
As different as the two things seem to be, the process of becoming a surgeon is similar in many respects to becoming a 4th Degree Junior Master. Both experiences are humbling; require much patience and perseverance, and a great amount of practice and study. The steps involved in earning the First Degree reminded me of medical school. New terms, new subjects, and basic science needed to be learned in medical school. Blocks, kicks, punches, and forms needed to be learned in Tae Kwon Do.
Is Tae Kwon Do easier than medical school? Maybe, although I found biochemistry much easier to do than a spin kick! And I will not even begin to discuss a tornado or 360 kick.
Medical school prepares one for residency. Yes when I graduated I knew many things. I was technically a doctor, but not a surgeon. My 1st Degree Black Belt was the same for me. I had learned many things, but had not mastered any. For me, just like graduating from medical school, once I became a 1st Degree Black Belt it was only the beginning.
To study Tae Kwon Do is to learn both physical movements and to understand the reasons behind said movements. We learn many forms during our training. Forms are not just a group of kicks, punches, and blocks. They are a series of attack and defense movements combined in a certain pattern which are being performed against an imaginary opponent or opponents. Forms, when practiced enough, allow the student to develop strength, balance, power, focus, breath control, and self-discipline.
For a surgeon our “opponent in battle” is a diseased organ such as a gallbladder or appendix. Our dojang is the operation room. As a resident much of what we learned, how we learned it, as well as why it was learned, can be described in the same manner in which a Tae Kwon Do student learns to do forms.
I have tried to briefly illustrate in this paper the parallel course of both medicine and the martial arts, specifically as it relates to becoming a surgeon and 4th Degree Junior Master in Tae Kwon Do. This is unfortunate as parallel lines never intersect. It has been my experience that these two entities not only intersect but are intertwined in my life.
Many people aspire to be doctors. Less actually succeed in becoming one. Many people start studying Tae Kwon Do. Less attain black belt status, and even fewer achieve 4th Degree. Both paths require commitment and at times sacrifice. Some things are hard, some things are less hard, and some things are just plain easy. I can state with certainty that neither becoming a surgeon or a 4th Degree Black Belt are easy. Since I have become a student of medicine and a student of Tae Kwon Do I will always be learning and striving to improve. This is a process that will never end.
I believe Tae Kwon Do has helped me as a surgeon and as a person. The physical benefits are obvious. The mental and emotional benefits are less apparent. I believe practicing helps one’s memory and also serves as a stress reliever. The atmosphere that has been created and encouraged by Grand Master Taylor is one of mutual respect and camaraderie. It makes for an enjoyable experience. I hope it will last a lifetime.
Junior Master/Dr. Amy Gifaldi

My Philosophy of Tae Kwon Do
I enjoy Tae Kwon Do for the family and social atmosphere it has to offer. I enjoyed the time that my children were enrolled in Tae Kwon Do with me and my wife and I look forward to having perhaps my grandchildren enrolled one day. The social aspect encourages people to overcome barriers that modern society has put in place. Tae Kwon Do can help to overcome anxiety and fear and not just as self-defense but it also helps develop self-confidence in everyday life. Not only have I enjoyed being in class with my family, but I have developed lifelong friends because of Tae Kwon Do. I’ve struggle, studied, fought, competed, practiced and even failed a few times at things with several other students in our school.
I’ve been with Taylor’s Tae Kwon Do Academy for more than a decade starting at their Osgood location before they opened the school in Madison in 2007. I am proud to be a part of Tae Kwon Do and its ancient structures and history; one day, I would like to think I may help to pass the history onto the next generation. It is hard to look at Tae Kwon Do as just a form of self-defense or fighting when there is so much more to it.
You are only going to get out of it what you put into it much like anything else. There are many other physical benefits of Tae Kwon Do, including weight loss. When I first joined Tae Kwon Do, I was about 80 pounds overweight. Through a structured exercise plan that included diet, strength training, cardiovascular exercise and Tae Kwon Do, I was able to lose all that weight and keep it off for more than a decade now. I have also improved my flexibility, which has always been struggle for me. The warm-up exercises we do, which include yoga stretches and some strength training, have helped me keep some flexibility and increase my agility. I have also gained speed and power through such things as speed breaks, sparring and kicking. One of the best physical benefits of Tae Kwon Do has also been that it helps relieve stress and muscle tension.
The self-confidence you gain cannot be measured. It takes courage to get up in front of a crowd of people and perform your test materials, including reciting Korean words and breaking boars or bricks in a variety of ways. The self-confidence gained also increases self-esteem. Completing a black belt test is not taken lightly, it makes you feel like you can tackle tough life challenges or make difficult decisions with confidence at work or home. Tae Kwon Do also teaches and reinforces traditional values like respect, honesty, courtesy, courage and perseverance. I am very proud to be a member of Taylor’s Tae Kwon Do Academy and a jr. Master of Tae Kwon Do. I want to be an example to others who are just starting their Tae Kwon Do journey or those who are considering whether to keep going forward. I plan to continue to study as long as physically and mentally possible. I am grateful and thankful for the opportunities and lessons I’ve learned at Taylor’s Tae Kwon Do Academy. Junior Master: Luke McCollum

Tae Kwon Do has truly changed my life and helped me and my son tremendously. I have a whole new level of confidence now that I am a black belt. My flexibility, my self esteem, and my ability to defend myself has greatly improved more than I ever thought possible. I no longer wonder what I would do if someone tried to attack me or my family. I know that if something happened I would be ready to protect all involved.
The best part of Tae Kwon Do is that I can see myself doing this for many years. There is always something new to learn and refresh upon, it’s great exercise too. Some of my favorite things to watch are the cane techniques. They are very helpful. It is amazing to imagine someone older protecting themselves with the very cane they use to walk with. There is no age limit to Tae Kwon Do. It can help you at any stage in your life if studied properly.
As for my son, it has changed his life too. He went from being a shy introverted child to a much better more extroverted young man. At one time, he would hide behind me and my wife when we talked with other adults or strangers. He was so shy and timid with others, he would rarely talk to anyone. It was hard to get him to be social in school and cut loose with his friends and other classmates. With over three years in Tae Kwon Do he has made a tremendous difference on his self esteem and his ability to concentrate. He will now speak when spoken to and even ask others for help, he is also the vice president of his student council at school and has been involved in many academic events this past year. He can also speak to an entire group without being super scared. Last year he did a demonstration at the talent show in front of hundreds of people and he did great! It is difficult to put into words how I truly feel Tae Kwon Do has changed the lives of both me and my son. Together I feel we have a great relationship and class practice is a guarantee that we spend time together.
Last summer at a demonstration at our local county fair, I had the honor to try to break 4 bricks stacked together. It was not easy but I managed to break them and the feeling afterward was phenomenal. I was truly speechless and now I can’t wait until this year when I get to try five or six.
If more people did Tae Kwon Do I think we could be a better country. If everyone had someone like Grand Master Taylor to teach them discipline, confidence and self esteem, we could improve our nation’s youth which seems to be getting worse and worse. We need something to bring our younger generation together and unite them and I think martial arts would be a great way to start. If we could get a portion of their gym class to teach Tae Kwon Do we could start to get kids excited about fitness and learning something other than video games…
Tae Kwon Do is so much more than a definition in any book. It is truly a sport that involves mental and physical ability on behalf of the individual. With enough time and effort put forth, it can change the life of an individual, young or old. I am thankful for my introduction in learning this martial art and it is something I will continue with for a long time. Grand Master Taylor has truly been there for me and my son helping us both improve on our skills in Tae Kwon Do and as an everyday person. He truly lives Tae Kwon Do and he implements it in his daily life. He has shown us how to be healthier, stronger, disciplined, and dedicated to Tae Kwon Do. Tanner and I cannot thank him enough for everything he does for us as well as all the students he has taught over the years. “Terry Jacobs”

The pictures below show father and daughters “then and now”  they have been training for 5 years and are all 2nd degree black belts and still training…  AWESOME!!

Mr. Cordo with his two daughters.“The opening of Taylor’s Tae Kwon Do Academy has been great for the community of Madison. I was very excited when the studio first opened, as it presented a convenient opportunity for me to restart my martial arts education and introduce my children to the sport at the same time.
Judging by how the class sizes have grown over the past year, it appears that many others agree.

I studied martial arts while in college and for a short while after, but didn’t continue as other things took priority – job, marriage, kids, and life in general. Now that my kids are older, I felt it would be a good time to take up the sport again for myself and also turn it into a fun family activity.

During my initial meeting with Master Jerry Taylor, I was impressed with his professionalism and dedication. After explaining our goals of wanting a challenging workout and continuous advancement of self-defense skills, my family and I were given the opportunity to observe a class and participate at no cost for two weeks to be sure it was the right decision for us.

It didn’t take the whole two weeks for us to know what our decision was going to be. Master Taylor shows a genuine interest in his students and makes a point to ensure that everyone is getting the most benefit out of each class. The Madison studio is nicely set up with the necessary equipment for proper training. Every student gets to participate in both one-on-one and group instruction.

The Adult & Family class is structured for people of all ages. In the Children’s class, Master Taylor’s enthusiasm really comes through to make it both enjoyable and educational for them.

I’m very happy with our experiences so far and would definitely encourage anyone with an interest to take a look, give it a try, and sign up for some fun and fitness!”

Allen Cardo
Madison, IN

As you can see, our unique family approach to training really makes a difference in the lives of our students.

I’d certainly enjoy seeing you and your family in our classes as well, so you can enjoy the same benefits Mr. Cardo mentioned above.

That’s why I’m inviting you to call me right now at (812) 265-2200 (Madison location) or 812-756-1060 (in Osgood) for a no-risk introductory course.

Like I said, there’s no risk and no high pressure to enroll – you’ll have plenty of time to decide whether Taylor’s Taekwondo Academy is right for you and your family.

So, what are you waiting for? Call right now to get started today!


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